Dorset Tourist Information

Tourist Attractions in Dorset

Dorset Tourist InformationDorset is such a wonderful county to visit, particularly during the summer months when the countryside comes alive. There is so much to do and so much to see that there is no way you could ever do it all in one trip. Because there is literally so much information about Dorset, we can’t include all the Dorset info here for several more months.

We will be updating this website regularly and adding new places to visit in Dorset and as much information about all the Dorset tourist attractions. If you are desperate about some particular Dorset tourist attractions you can contact us at and we’ll prioritize that article.

For the time being, we can recommend a couple of places where you can find out about some of the Dorset tourist attractions that have been attracting tourists for years.



warehamWareham is a traditional Saxon walled town and is full of tourist attractions. Set between two scenic rivers, the Piddle and the Frome, Wareham is a very scenic village. If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the beaches. Wareham is the place to be.




swanage tourist information

Swanage is a seaside town within the Isle of Purbeck. It is one of the favorite places for tourists visiting Dorset and it really is a wonderful little town. As it’s one of the most popular tourist spots in Dorset we wanted to let you know about it. You can get  Swanage Tourist Information right here.



Tyneham Village

tyneham village

Another popular tourist destination in Dorset is Tyneham Village. This deserted village is like stepping back in time to just before the second world war when the villagers were forced to evacuate and subsequently never allowed to return. For more information see our Tyneham Village pages.




weymouth tourist information

Weymouth is a very popular beach destination in Dorset. Weymouth beach has everything a British seaside should have including donkey rides and traditional Punch & Judy. Weymouth is also a great place to explore the surrounding countryside of this part of the county. See our Weymouth Toursit Information for more details.




corfe castleCorfe Castle is probably Dorset’s most famous castle. Set in stunning surroundings and overlooking the village of Corfe. Visiting Corfe is like going back in time. There’s more to Corfe than just the castle though. The village has many wonderful tourist attractions as well as the Swanage steam railway which has a station here. See our Corfe page for more information.