Camping in Swanage

There Are Lots of Swanage Campsites to Choose From

swanage campingThere are many campsites in and around Swanage that open all year round. Also during the busy summer months many temporary campsites pop up all over the place. This is because of the government law that lets farmers or any other person that owns a field to setup up a temporary campsite for a period of 28 days per year. Naturally most people wait for the busy summer months to take advantage of the busy summer period in Swanage.

Most of the permanent Swanage campsites are scattered around the hillsides of the town. Because of the high vantage points, camping in Swanage usually comes hand in hand with spectacular views of Swanage bay.

It’s best to book your Swanage campsite in advance if possible. This is always possible with the permanent campsites in Swanage but not the temporary ones. With the temporary camping sites in Swanage you basically have to drive around the town and look for yourself.

Many of these temporary campsites only advertise via a board on the side of the road. There is usually no other way of knowing where or when they will be open. Such is the massive demand for camping in Swanage that owners of these temporary sites know that all they need to do is put a sign on the side of the road and they will fill up.

If you’re thinking about camping in Swanage and can’t find anywhere to book online you can pretty much guarantee that if you arrive between June and September you will be able to find some temporary Swanage campsites in the Swanage area, it just means that you have to drive around until you find one.

Camping in Swanage is a good alternative to staying in a hotel or self catering accommodation and can be a lot more fun. Camping in Swanage just like anywhere else depends on the weather. If you’re lucky enough to have good weather during your stay then no matter which of the many Swanage campsites you end up staying at, you can be sure to have a good time if the weather is good.