Lulworth Cove

East & West Lulworth and the Cove

Lulworth CoveLulworth Cove is one of the most picturesque bays that you’ll find anywhere in England, not just Dorset. Lulworth cove is extremely sheltered due to the fact that it’s practically enclosed by the surrounding coastline. Because of it’s extreme beauty, Lulworth cove has featured in several TV programs and films.

Lulworth Village is divided into East Lulworth and West Lulworth. Lulworth cove is located about half a mile from south from West Lulworth, making it the most ideal place to stay. There are numerous options when it comes to Lulworth Accomodation.

West Lulworth has a small population of around 800 people and many of the quaint houses are actually second homes. Despite it’s small size, West Lulworth has it’s own school, a few small hotels, a local store and a pub. The pub which is called the Castle Inn is actually one of the oldest public houses in the whole of Dorset. It was built in the 16th century and still has a classic thatched roof. The pub really is the focal point of West Lulworth.

East Lulworth is only a stones throw away and is much smaller than West Lulworth. It contains numerous 17th century cottages but little else. The Royal Armoured Corps Gunnery School barracks are now located in the village. They use this area of the Purbeck hills continuing all the way to Tyneham for their gunnery range.

Adjacent to East Lulworth is the Weld Estate Castle Park which as you might have guessed is home to Lulworth Castle.

Although the village of East Lulworth doesn’t have many buildings or residents, it does have it’s own pub, The Weld Arms. The Weld Arms dates back to the 17th century when it was formally a row of cottages which were built by the Weld family. It wasn’t until the early 1800’s that it became an Inn. Just like the Castle Inn in West Lulworth, there are many stories of smugglers frequenting the Weld Arms over the years.

Through out history, Lulworth Cove and the surrounding areas were used by smugglers. There are many fascinating tails of smuggling in the Lulworth area, particularly between the 17th and 19th centuries. Such stories bring many tourists to Lulworth Cove and the nearby Durdle Door. It’s a great part of Dorset to visit and you’ll find a lot of accommodation in Lulworth to choose from.