Self Catering in Swanage

Self Catering Swanage

self catering swanageSelf catering holidays in Swanage can be much for fun than staying in a hotel or bed & breakfast, especially if you’re going as a family or a large group of friends. It will probably work out a lot cheaper as well if there’s quite a few of you. Because much of the self catering accommodation in Swanage is located in the town itself, getting about is pretty easy.

There are literally thousands of self catering cottages in Swanage and the surrounding countryside. Many people will prefer to stay in the surrounding countryside because it really is spectacular countryside. Although the town is relatively quiet, the surrounding countryside is even quieter and is a welcome relief if you’re coming from the city.

The big advantage of self catering in Swanage is that you aren’t stuck in a single hotel room, you have a whole house to yourself, usually with a big garden that makes it possible to have BBQs or even garden parties. The only downside is that you will have to keep it tidy and so some of the cleaning yourself.self catering cottage

Where as many of the hotels in Swanage are located in the town itself, Swanage self catering cottages can be found all through the surrounding countryside, not just in Swanage but in Langton, Studland and Kingston which are all lovely places but a little out of the way so you’ll definitely need your own transport.

There are several companies that can arrange self catering holidays in Swanage. At Dorset Tourist Information we adviseĀ as they have the best reputation and the best prices. You can arrange it all online although you should book well in advance as finding accommodation in the summer can be quite difficult