Self Catering Weymouth

Self Catering Holidays in Weymouth

Self catering holidays in Weymouth are becoming more and more popular. With many hotel prices increasing along the sea front as well as in the town itself, self catering holidays in Weymouth are actually a much more affordable choice for families.

There are lots of advantages of self catering, the main one being the extra space and freedom to do what you want. For larger families this is also a cheaper option because you are only paying for one house or apartment for the whole family instead of several rooms in a hotel.

If you do choose to go down the self catering route it is essential that you have your own transport. This is because most self catering cottages in Weymouth are located around the outskirts of the town and further into the surrounding countryside.

There are still a few self catering apartments along the seafront however these tend to be very hard to book and also very expensive as is most of the accommodation along the Weymouth seafront. You can also find a few self catering apartments and houses within the town but it’s really recommended to go for a cottage somewhere in the surrounding countryside because the views can be really spectacular.

There are several companies that offer self catering holidays in Weymouth and can arrange your whole holiday for you without even seeing the property. They have their own websites that feature many photos and sometimes video of each property.

Prices for self catering in Weymouth will vary with the time of year so it’s best to check with as many of the online self catering companies as possible to find the best deal.