Wareham Toursit Information


wareham Wareham is a walled Saxon town situated on the river Piddle. Located about 16 miles from Dorchester and 11 miles from Swanage, Wareham is a popular tourist destination with many attractions.

The focal point of Wareham is Wareham Quay. The view of the river here is wonderful and there are often many boats in during the summer. During the tourist season there are scheduled boat rides down the river Piddle to Poole harbour.

Besides the wonderful view of the river you can enjoy a drink at the Quay Inn or get some food at The Priory or The Old Granary both of which overlook the river. They both get very busy in the summer so try and book first if you can. On Saturday mornings, the Quay is home to Wareham market which is usually a very busy and bustling market.

There are several other very good restaurants in Wareham though so you’ll always be able to get something to eat. Most of the restaurants are located along North street and West street. West street is also home to the REX Cinema which dates back to 1889.

The Wareham walls are still intact and you can walk on them all around the old town. They are actually tall grassy banks and protected the town during Saxon times. It’s a nice walk and you can get some really nice views of the town.

There are many old buildings in the town and just wandering around is a really pleasurable experience. For more historical information about Wareham and the surrounding area you should visit the Wareham museum which is located on East street near the center of the town.

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