Weymouth Tourist Information

Visting Weymouth?

weymouth tourist informationWeymouth is one one of Dorset’s biggest towns with a population of over 50,000 people. Situated on the mouth of the River Wey, Weymouth is located 8 miles south of Dorchester and 5 miles north from the Isle of Portland. There is a lot to do and see in Weymouth which means there’s quite a lot of tourist information available.

Like many other Dorset coastal villages, Weymouth used to rely on fishing as one of it’s main industries however in recent years, tourism has now become the main industry. Millions of tourists flock to Weymouth each year and with the sailing events of  the 2012 Olympic Games being held on Weymouth, tourist numbers are expected to increase a lot.

Most tourists come to Weymouth for it’s three mile beach and promenade which is located within walking distance of the town centre and harbour. Weymouth beach has many tradional tourist attractions you would expect to find at a British seaside including donkey rides and Punch and Judy.

The town of Weymouth has several museums and many other tourist attractions. There are many fantastic restaurants in Weymouth so you can expect to find lots of different places to eat out, besides your own hotel.

There are numerous hotels in Weymouth which will suit all different types of  tourist. While most people will opt to stay in a hotel there are many other accommodation options such as camping, self catering, bed and breakfast and caravan sites.

While there are a lot of things for tourists to do in Weymouth, the surrounding countryside holds even more toursit attractions. Because of it’s position, Weymouth is an excellent location from which to explore the neighbouring towns and villages and stunning countryside.

All in all Weymouth is a fantastic tourist destination if you are planning a holiday in Dorset.